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Nadja's Brownies are available at select Subway Restaurants across the United States and Canada.

So moist and delicious, you won't believe they are only 3 grams of fat and 145 calories per serving!

Peanut Free

     Made in a Peanut Free Facility.    
   Approved by the Clinton Alliance   
for a Healthier Generation

Alliance for a Healthier Generation 

Nadjas Brownie

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Nadja's Brownies can be found at Subway Restaurants throughout the United States and Canada as a store optional product. Please note Subway also carries regular high fat and calorie Brownies so as not to be confused with ours. If you're a Subway customer you can ask your local Subway Restaurant to order Nadja's Fat and Calorie Reduced Brownies. If you are a Subway owner or manager please contact us for assistance in ordering for your store. Tel 716-883-8448. They are also sold through many Sodexho foodservice operations in the United States.

Look for Nadja in your local Subway!

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We have developed quite a following since introducing these great tasting, decadent treats in 1999. Here is just one of many letters and emails we receive:

My husband and I were well into a successful diet program. We were traveling to Mexico and wanted to continue our low cal regiment. To help us, we took several packages of Nadja’s Brownies with us. We had a refrigerator and froze them as soon as we arrived. Then when we needed our chocolate fix, we cut a few brownies. That’s exactly how we used to eat our candy bars! And it’s only 2 Weight Watcher® pts a serving.
                          Sherry Sutton, NY

See Ingredients and Nutritional Details.