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Nadja's biography written by Nan O'Brien will be published soon.  Please sign up for our Newsletter and we will let you know when it is available.

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Nadja Brownie Alliance

As part of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation we proudly supply Schools and Subway Restaurants with
Nadja's Chocolate Chip Brownies. 

Supplying Food is a Privilege!

Nadja Foods Gluten Free Products are produced in “dedicated” gluten free facilities.

We produce an outstanding line of gluten-free desserts and breads under Private Label and Brand Label in two of the largest state of the art dedicated gluten free facilities in North America. It has allowed us to meet the production and quality assurance needs of our customers. Our gluten free manufacturing facilities have the strictest procedures, gluten free certifications and third party audits in place.

As a leader in the gluten-free and healthier snack industry our products include a variety of products under private label and under Nadja Foods new gluten free division Mom's Gluten Free Kitchen.

Products include Macaroons, Lava Cakes, Muffins, Cupcakes, pizza dough, breads and dry mixes.

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